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Engineering Centre for Languages & Inter-Communication course timetable


Thu 18 Jul – Tue 6 Aug

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Tuesday 6 August


This EDI series supports the University’s EDI strategy concerned with promoting disability awareness and supportive and humanised workplace. The series encourages thinking differently about disabled colleagues or students, to get ‘a feel for the situation’ from their perspective, and to become inspired to help them achieve their professional goals. This series is being delivered by Dr Zrinka Mendas.

Other workshops in this series are:

  1. Toward a Better Understanding of Sensory and Learning Impairments (April)
  2. Empathy and Disability: Friends or Foes? (May)
  3. Embracing Neurodiversity: Strength or Weakness? (June)
  4. Sign language as a Useful Communication Tool (July)
  5. Advancing Teaching and Learning Practices for disabled staff and students (August)

This is an interactive workshop and you will be expected to contribute to the session.