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Mon 6 May 2024

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JTC: Advanced German Conversation Hours


This conversation hour offers learners with an independent conversational ability (B2/C1 level upwards) a chance to practice speaking German with others in a relaxed and informal group led by a native-speaker facilitator. The content of the sessions is decided by the participants, with members taking turns to propose a topic and source materials (newspaper articles, web links, video etc.) to use as a basis for discussion. The groups are ideal for those who wish to retain or improve upon the language skills they already have or for those studying for a language degree who would like another forum for low-pressure, informal practice. This is also a great follow-up activity for CULP German learners and can be repeated year after year.

Previous participants from German Advanced CULP are warmly invited to attend the German Conversation Hour.

If the course is already 'in progress' please click on 'register your interest' in order to book a place.

Target audience

University staff and students


Advanced, independent conversational ability in German.

Topics covered

To be decided by group members


To enable advanced students to widen the range of their active spoken vocabulary, fine-tune their grammar in context and work towards a more natural and ‘native’ use of German for conversation.


Learner-driven group, led by native speaker facilitator

  • Students: £31
  • Staff: £41
  • Standard rate (Visiting Scholars & their partners): £51
  • Please select ‘All charged’, not ‘Concessionary’ under the course fee when you make your booking (the ‘Concessionary ’option is not applicable to Conversation Hours)
  • Links to the online store will be provided with your confirmation email
  • Payment is required within 24 hours of your booking to secure your place
  • If you require further information regarding charging please contact

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6 sessions of 1 hour during Michaelmas term.



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