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Introduction to using the open-source reference management program, Zotero.

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This session will introduce you to Zotero (, a free tool to manage bibliographies and bibliographic databases.

Managing your References with Zotero Thu 9 May 2024   11:00 [Places]

Using a reference manager is one of the best ways to look after crucial research literature, whether planning for a literature review or simply keeping track of developments in a particular discipline. This session will introduce Zotero.

Using live demonstrations, discussions, and troubleshooting common referencing issues, the session will give an in-depth look at how Zotero (and tools like it) can help maximise a research project workflow while also ensuring that critical resources and information are not lost at any point in the research process.

Please note: This session will be offered, either online or in person, in Michaelmas, Lent and Easter terms.

Medicine: Zotero Q & A new Mon 18 Mar 2024   14:00 [Places]

An introductory session showcasing how to manage your references using Zotero.

UPDATE: Please note that this session is taking place remotely, not in the Medical Library as previously advertised. Please do not go to the Medical Library training room. You will be contacted by the training team with information about how to join the session remotely.

Please note: this session may be recorded. By signing up for the session, you register your consent for recording to take place. Please email if you have any questions about this.

Zotero for Graduates Unscheduled Not bookable

The aim of the workshop is to give an overview of how graduate students can make effective use of Zotero software for referencing and managing information. It will especially suit graduate students from the School of Arts and Humanities, and Humanities and Social Sciences. There will be plenty of time at the end for questions about the use of Zotero in your field of research.

It would be extremely valuable for you to download and familiarize yourself with Zotero in advance of the session. Zotero is free, and works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

To do this, please go to Zotero. Download Zotero itself and install the browser connector. You may also find it useful to create an account with Zotero; the benefits of doing so will be outlined during the session.

If you have any difficulty with downloading Zotero in advance, please feel free to contact the course organiser, Helen Murphy, at