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Provided by: Student Systems

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CamSIS - Interfaces - Academic Structure Familiarisation Training


Demonstration and discussion of the new Academic Structure that is scheduled to go live in CamSIS in February 2018. The Academic Structure is the way that students and their qualifications and courses are categorised in CamSIS.

Target audience

For IT managers and owners of the CamSIS outbound/inbound interfaces

Topics covered
- Aims of the Academic Structure project - What is changing in terms of how data is structured in CamSIS - Overview of the technical work involved in the project - How the CamSIS team will work with the members of staff responsible for the data interfaces that receive information from CamSIS - Changes to the Outbound interface - The plan for go-live in February 2018

To demonstrate the new Academic Structure in CamSIS.


To demonstrate the new Academic Structure in CamSIS.


Demonstration and discussion.


60 minutes


As scheduled

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