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Self-taught course

Provided by: University Information Services


This course is self taught (Materials may be loaned out).

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Microsoft Edge

Self-taught course


This course aims to give the learner the skills and knowledge to be able to use and browse the internet using the Microsoft Edge browser

Target audience

Anyone who wants to know more about the functionality of Microsoft Edge


This course assumes little or no knowledge of Microsoft Edge. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the operating system environment, especially in regard to browsing the internet.

Topics covered

About The Internet

  • The Internet And The World Wide Web
  • How The Internet Began
  • Connection Requirements
  • Understanding Web Browsers
  • Understanding Search Engines
  • Understanding Web Addresses
  • Key Terms And Internet Jargon
  • Cookies and Caches

Microsoft Edge Basics

  • Starting Microsoft Edge From The Desktop
  • The What's New And Tips Screen
  • Working With The Hub
  • Displaying The Favourites Bar
  • Going To A Specific URL
  • Reading View
  • Controlling The Browser Window Size
  • Activating A Hyperlink
  • Activating An Image Link
  • Closing Microsoft Edge

Navigating Web Pages

  • Understanding The New Tab Page
  • Adding New Tabbed Pages
  • Working With Tabbed Pages
  • Pinning Tabs
  • Closing Pages
  • Zooming
  • Using The Back And Forward Tools
  • The Browsing History
  • Stopping And Refreshing Pages

Searching The Web

  • Understanding How To Search Effectively
  • Using The Address Bar To Search
  • Adding Search Providers
  • Searching Based On A Keyword
  • Searching Based On A Phrase
  • Combining Selection Criteria
  • Finding Information On A Page
  • Using Ask Cortana

Working With Favourites

  • Marking Favourite Websites
  • Viewing Favourite Web Pages
  • Creating A Favourites Folder
  • Organising Favourites
  • Adding A Website To A Favourites Folder
  • Adding A Favourite To The Favourites Bar
  • Deleting A Favourite
  • Adding Pages To The Reading List
  • Removing Pages From The Reading List
  • Changing The Home Page

Web Notes

  • Working With Web Note Pens
  • Working With Highlighters
  • Adding A Typed Note
  • Working With Screen Clips
  • Saving Web Notes
  • Sharing Web Notes
  • Exiting Web Notes

Printing Techniques

  • Using Print Preview
  • Changing Page Orientation
  • Changing Paper Size
  • Changing Web Page Margins
  • Printing Specific Pages

Accessing Information

  • Copying Text To A Document
  • Copying An Image To A Document
  • Copying A URL To A Document
  • Files Available For Download
  • Safety Issues When Downloading Files
  • Downloading An Image File
  • Downloading A Sound File
  • Downloading Software
  • Protected Websites
  • Understanding Online Forms
  • The Good And Bad Of Online Forms
  • Viewing The Source Code

Internet Security

  • Understanding Encryption
  • Identifying Secure Connections
  • Understanding Viruses
  • Understanding Identity Theft
  • Understanding Firewalls
  • Understanding Spam
  • Understanding Phishing
  • Using The SmartScreen Filter
  • Understanding Cookies
  • Controlling Cookies
  • Working With Pop-Up Settings
  • Clearing Temporary Internet Files
  • Using InPrivate Browsing
  • Disabling Autocomplete

Transacting Online

  • Understanding Online Transactions
  • The Online Transaction Process
  • Accessing Transaction Sites
  • Transacting Securely Online
  • Entering Required Information
  • Completing The Transaction
  • Online Receipts

Microsoft Edge Extensions

  • Adding Extensions
  • Using Extensions
  • Managing Extensions
  • Uninstalling Extensions

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand some of the theoretical aspects of the internet
  • Use Microsoft Edge to access the internet, search for and locate information
  • Navigate web pages
  • Understand and conduct effective searches of the internet
  • Create and use favourites and the Favourites bar
  • Understand and work with web notes
  • Print all or part of a web page
  • Download and use information from the internet
  • Use the internet with a good awareness of security issues
  • Conduct an online transaction
  • Add and work with Edge extensions

Watsonia workbook with 85 topics.


Approximately 4 hours

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