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Self-taught course

Provided by: University Information Services - Digital Literacy Skills


This course is self taught (Online course).

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AbilityNet: Session 4 - Understanding Accessibility Evaluations and Testing Results

Self-taught course


This is an the fourth of four online AbilityNet sessions looking at digital accessibility, specifically how to understand the results of accessibility evaluations and testing results.

The new Web Accessibility regulations require Universities to conduct audits and testing across all their digital estates, form websites to learning environments. These tests can be carried out by external contractors or your own in-house teams (see Workshop 3 for how to do this yourself)

Although built around common standards such as WCAG2.1, many people find accessibility test results and audit reports difficult to understand. Automatically generated reports or expert audits can produce a list of issues that need prioritising. Organisations must also decide how these accessibility barriers are communicated through their accessibility statement and how they can remediate them in the future.

This session is aimed at anyone creating, managing or procuring digital content or systems. It will also be of value as an introductory session for developers and eLearning content creators looking to develop accessibility skills. While not compulsory, it is strongly recommended that attendees attend the session “Introduction to accessibility testing” if they have no prior knowledge of accessibility tests.

The course can be accessed via the following link (Please note that Raven Login is required to access this material)

Target audience
  • UIS Staff and the Disability Resources Center (DRC)
  • Further details regarding our eligibility criteria are available here
Topics covered
  • Learn about the process of testing sites for accessibility using automatic scanning tools versus an audit
  • Understand how accessibility issues are reported and how to validate if they are issues that need addressing
  • How diverse user testing can inform accessibility audits and future development plans
How to Access

The course can be accessed via the following link (Please note that Raven Login is required to access this material)

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