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Content Community:Making your content more accessible new Mon 30 Jan 2023   12:00 [Places]

Accessible content is easy to find, understand and interact with, regardless of the user's ability or the device they are using.

One common misconception is that web accessibility only helps people who have a permanent disability. Though 1 in 5 of us in the UK have a disability, all of us experience temporary and situational disabilities during our lifetime. This session builds on existing accessibility guidance from the content community.

This content community event will also cover:

  • Updates about new WCAG 2.2 accessibility standards
  • Common content accessibility issues in Drupal, SharePoint and Shorthand, and how to fix them
  • Tools and tips for creating accessible web pages, videos, documents, social media posts and more

The session is for everyone interested in creating content.

A recording of this event will be available on the Content Community SharePoint site for anyone who cannot attend.

Please complete a one-to-one catching session by booking a 1 hour meeting with Rinku Raina

UIS is offering new members the chance to join a virtual speed mentoring event. This energetic learning and networking activity will provide the opportunity to speak to some of UIS’ senior leaders and managers from different disciplines.

UIS mentors involved with the event:

  • Ian Leslie - Director
  • Simon Redhead – Systems Development Manager
  • Kate Livingstone – Head of Digital Transformation
  • Hazel Johannessen – Portfolio Manager
  • Alex Blandford – Lead Product Manager
  • Rachel Coleman – Head of Enterprise Database Application

Mentoring can be a really useful tool in supporting colleagues to develop their professional lives and careers, in both roles as a mentor and mentee. UIS facilitates a mentoring scheme exclusively for the University's IT community and UIS' internal staff.

This is a self-taught course (Unit 1) and part of UIS' Mentoring training journey, for all mentees and mentors enrolled in the 2021-22 programme Complete Unit 1 before attending the in-person workshop (Unit 2: Mentoring in practice)

For Mentors: Read the PPD Mentoring Guide and we highly recommend reading the following pages:

  • Role of the mentor
  • Questioning skills
  • First meeting
  • Grow Technique

For Mentees: Read the PPD Mentoring Guide and we highly recommend reading the following pages:

  • Role of the mentee
  • Setting SMART objectives