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Self-taught course

Provided by: PPD Personal and Professional Development


This course is self taught (Online course).

Bookings cannot be made on this course (Programme is completed).

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Project Management: Online


Managing and leading projects is a key skill, and yet it is often poorly understood and actioned; leading to projects that overrun, overspend or overwork the delivery teams.

This online module will provide you with a complete toolkit of project management skills (distilled from a number of sound project management “methodologies”) and an overview of various project planning techniques. Project Management: Online has been developed to help you focus on a project you are actively involved in (or one that is about to commence). You will apply a number of tools to real life situations and leave with a clear understanding of the major management issues and the basis of a clear and workable project plan.

For additional guidance you can visit our Guide to successful online learning.

If you would prefer to complete the blended programme, which provides an opportunity to identify options and strategies to help move your project forward in a face to face workshop, as well as completing the online module, please visit the booking page for the blended programme.

Please make a booking in order to receive the enrolment key for the course.

Target audience

University staff

  • to understand the criteria for successful projects and know why seemingly good ideas fail
  • to have used a variety of project planning techniques (including GANTT, CPA and PERT)
  • to understand effective Stakeholder and Risk analyses
  • to be able to articulate key steps in project implementation
  • to understand the foundations of a sound project plan
  • to be able to communicate an action plan clearly
  • to understand how to manage issues and cope when things don’t go to plan

Approximately two hours plus any additional time spent working on the Toolkit

Booking / availability