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Apprenticeship Network Meeting Thu 18 Jul 2019   12:00 [Places]

A network meeting for university staff interested in establishing an apprenticeship under the Apprenticeship Levy to share questions, experiences and advice.

Assertiveness in Management Mon 24 Jun 2019   09:15 [Full]

As a manager, handling relationships is one of your key skills. An ability to think, speak and act assertively in these relationships will enhance your reputation and success. If you want to motivate staff, earn their loyalty and enable them to achieve the best possible results, then this course is for you. It will also deal with the challenges of managing your own manager assertively.

If you would like to refine your presentation skills, or address insecurities about any aspect of your speaking, these sessions are aimed at identifying the areas you need to focus on, be it at the micro level (elocution), the macro level (shaping an interesting presentation), or any point in between. During this one to one session, coaching will provide you with active practice, honest and constructive feedback, and practical tips to make you a more confident and effective communicator. Put yourself under the microscope, and you’ll be ready to step into the spotlight.

You may find it useful to have completed the Presentation Skills online learning module before attending the session.

It is possible to use this booking page to book one follow-up session for additional support. The course trainer will advise when this may be helpful. Please only book one session at a time.

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Tue 28 May 2019 09:30 [Full]
Tue 28 May 2019 10:30 Not bookable
Tue 28 May 2019 13:15 [Full]
Tue 28 May 2019 14:15 [Full]
Tue 28 May 2019 15:15 [Full]
Wed 29 May 2019 09:30 [Full]
Wed 29 May 2019 10:30 [Full]
Wed 29 May 2019 11:30 [Full]
Wed 29 May 2019 13:15 [Full]
Wed 29 May 2019 14:15 [Full]
Wed 29 May 2019 15:15 [Full]
Tue 4 Jun 2019 13:15 [Full]
Tue 4 Jun 2019 14:15 [Full]
Tue 4 Jun 2019 15:15 [Full]
Communicating Assertively: Online Self-taught Bookable

At work and at home, it’s all too easy to speak and act without thinking – and then regret it afterwards. Acting on instinct can lead us to behave aggressively or passively. Both of these are generally unhelpful for our own reputation and for our relationships with others.

Communicating Assertively will show you how to avoid both extremes and instead to use assertive behaviour to build constructive and respectful working relationships.

This online module will help you understand the assertive mindset and highlight what assertiveness looks and sounds like.

View a short trailer for the online module.

For additional guidance you can visit our Guide to successful online learning.

If you would prefer to complete the blended programme, which provides an opportunity to put your assertive skills into practice in a face to face workshop, as well as completing the online module, please visit the booking page for the blended programme.

Communication Essentials: Online Self-taught Bookable

"It all boils down to communication", how many times have we heard that phrase? This interactive online module is packed full of useful tips and practical examples to help you get your point across more clearly, ask the right questions and listen better to what others have to say.

The module introduces you to the key concepts of communication skills through a variety of media, offering those new to this topic a solid grounding in the essentials, as well as a great refresher for more experienced communicators.

If you’re short of time and just need the basics, or you want to explore things in a bit more detail, the versatile structure of this module offers you the flexibility to learn in the way that best fits with your schedule.

View a short trailer for the module.

Even the most skilled communicators sometimes struggle to get their message across. This course will equip you with the mindset and knowledge to communicate effectively when it really matters. Learn how to deliver your message with sincerity, clarity and enthusiasm. Staff who wish to improve their one-to-one communication skills in challenging and difficult situations will benefit from this course.

Increase your confidence and skills in one-to-one communication with this highly participative course. Effective communication starts in your head and it isn’t just about the words you say. Your tone of voice, facial expression and body language all communicate a message. This course will help you get your message across more clearly. You will also have the opportunity to practise communication skills on a one-to-one basis.

Conflict Resolution Fri 10 May 2019   09:30 [Full]

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a conflict wondering how you got into it and how to get out? This course sets out to identify and examine the causes of conflict and to offer a range of practical techniques for resolving disputes. Skilled negotiation is often crucial and this course introduces a proven approach that is used widely by professional mediators and negotiators. You will have the opportunity to explore and practice key ideas using presentation, self assessment, role play and discussion in a friendly and informal group setting.

Data Protection and FOI: An Introduction Tue 14 May 2019   09:30 [Full]

The rights and responsibilities outlined in data protection and freedom of information legislation impact upon the University’s academic and administrative work. This course explores the key concepts in data protection law and illustrates how the ‘data protection principles’ affect various day-to-day working scenarios. It introduces the fundamental aspects of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and details the ways in which the University handles responses to individual requests. Finally, it outlines various records management and information security measures that can aid compliance with the legislation and lead to a more efficient working environment.

Data Protection Training: Online Self-taught Bookable

This online course offers a short introduction to data protection concepts, explains why they are important to the University, and signposts to further guidance materials. As nearly all University staff are likely to collect and handle personal information about living identifiable individuals in one way or another, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the main issues.

The content of this course reflects the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation as well as related data protection law.

Develop your Career: Interview Techniques Thu 2 May 2019   09:30 [Full]

This course prepares you to excel at interview. You will learn how to anticipate questions you will be asked and plan how to answer them successfully. You will also learn how to project yourself positively and feel as calm and in control as you will look.

This course is highly participative and will include a short mock interview as well as an opportunity to share experiences with other course members.

The focus of the course is to provide participants with the generic skills necessary to succeed at interview in a variety of contexts.

Dignity at Work: A Guide for All Staff Thu 16 May 2019   09:30 [Full]

In the workplace there will be occasions when people feel that they have been bullied, harassed or subjected to inappropriate behaviour. This is a practical and important interactive session which is designed to provide clarity and guidance on the University’s Dignity at Work policy and procedures. It will explain the legal framework, and will clarify options and practical measures open to you to help you address Dignity at Work problems if they arise.

The Staff Review and Development (SRD) process provides the opportunity for supervisors, managers and academics to engage in constructive discussion with their staff or academic colleagues about current and future work and their personal and career development.

This online module, including visual, audio and filmed material, will focus on an overview of the process, practical advice and useful reminders of good practice to help you to make the most of SRD. You will need a PC, Mac or tablet device.

Please make a booking to receive instructions about how to access the online module. For additional guidance you can visit our online learning section of the website.

View a short trailer for the online module.

Email Management: Online Self-taught Bookable

This short online guide for all staff provides hints, tricks and tips to help you manage your Inbox.

Giving Effective Feedback: Online Self-taught Bookable

Giving effective feedback to your team members is one of the key responsibilities of anyone who supervises or manages others. It improves performance, boosts morale and can help people to do their job to the best of their ability.

This module is full of key tips to help you give feedback that is supportive, constructive and helpful and incorporates instructional film resources to help you apply what you have learned. It also focuses on how to avoid common mistakes when giving feedback to others and how to receive feedback well.

Induction: Online Self-taught Bookable

This online course welcomes new staff to the University and provides key information to help them settle into their new role quickly and achieve their full potential within their role as soon as possible. It will give new staff an overview of the University, including what to expect from induction and essential information along with some background on the history and traditions.

This online course complements the local induction new staff will receive in their institution, department or faculty.

A Raven password is needed to access this online course. If you don't already have one, visit

This two part interactive workshop offers those with some experience of leading and managing others the opportunity to extend their knowledge in relation to leadership and engagement of others. It will provide time to reflect on leadership values, beliefs, attitudes and style and the impact this has on leadership performance. The workshop will also explore how to motivate and engage others to achieve their full potential.

How inclusion fosters increased innovation and global impact.

Who, what and how much — pathways through the finance committees.

Critical information with statutory significance for HOIs.

Current issues in managing the University Estate.

Update on current legislative practices.

The briefing will include topics about:

  • Costing & Pricing
  • New Sponsor Terms and Conditions
  • Pitfalls to avoid

Change is a constant feature in today’s workplace and this level of change certainly won’t go away and may indeed become more intense.

Studies show that the line manager has a critical role to play in ensuring staff are ready for change and in successfully implementing it. It can therefore be helpful to reflect on how we personally approach and manage change and how we can lead and support our teams through change.

This online course will give you some practical steps to help you lead your team through change whilst maintaining your own wellbeing.

Level 3 Award (ILM) in Leadership and Management charged Thu 25 Apr 2019   09:30 Not bookable

Please note that places for this programme are full for 2018-19. An new management programme will be delivered in 2019-20, for initial details and to be notified when places are available, please 'register your interest’ here.

This programme offers an introduction to management skills and is externally accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM). It is highly participative and there is a strong emphasis on applying new learning to your work situation for the benefit of your team and your department.

The course is primarily aimed at those who currently have management responsibilities for others (including managers, team leaders or supervisors) or equivalent responsibilities (e.g. for managing services, projects, resources). All participants must have the opportunity to meet the assessment requirements which are specified by the ILM – please see further details below.

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