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CLIC: Inter-Communication: Intercultural Communication new Thu 11 Feb 2021   16:00 [Places]

Have you ever struggled with other students’ or colleagues’ styles of communication, wondered why some people seem to use more formal language, or be more direct than others? Culture plays a big part in how we communicate and adjusting to the cultural communication norms means more than learning a foreign language. Join our workshop to learn more about the importance of cultural competence in interactions - find out more about the impact of cultural (national, regional, interdisciplinary etc.) differences on management styles, team dynamics, communication and more.

CLIC: Inter-Communication: Skillset for VUCA new Wed 2 Dec 2020   16:00 [Places]

In this never-changing world, adaptability is one of the most valuable skills for your time in Cambridge and also for your future employment. In this session, you will discuss the requirements of ‘the new normal’ – the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous reality that requires the right mindset to support you as an ongoing part of your professional life. You will learn how to address VUCA and how to turn the adversities we’re all facing and turn them into opportunities.

CLIC: Inter-Communication skills: People buy people new Thu 25 Feb 2021   16:00 [Places]

The ability to ‘sell yourself’ is, alongside luck, the most important ingredient when it comes to your career development. According to employers, being proactive in job interviews by showing not only why you should be hired and what makes you different but also what do you want are key factors in recruitment. In this workshop, you will learn about ‘selling yourself’ through strategic job interview

The focus is on structure, logical flow, the effective development of ideas, accuracy and critical analysis.

  • NB. Please read the Attendance section below before signing up for this course.
CLIC: Writing skills: Writing for Engineers (PhD students) new Tue 13 Oct 2020   10:15 In progress

The course consists of 4 workshops followed by 1 individual supervision. The course focuses on common errors and problem areas for research students writing up dissertations and publishing papers. The supervision addresses individual areas for improvement at the end of the course.

  • NB. Please read the Attendance section below before signing up for this course.
CLIC: Writing skills: Writing for Engineers (Postdocs) new Tue 13 Oct 2020   12:15 In progress

Writing for Engineers: Course for postdocs on refining papers for publishing. The course consists of four workshops followed by one individual supervision.

  • NB. Please read ATTENDANCE section below before signing up for this course.