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Instructor-led course

Provided by: PPD Personal and Professional Development

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Springboard: A Women's Development Programme


Springboard is a personal development programme for all female staff/graduate students. It will give you the opportunity to take stock and consider your personal and professional goals.

During the programme you will explore your future in a practical way and learn how to develop your potential. You will undertake realistic self-assessment and set challenging goals.

Key areas covered include communication skills, assertiveness, self confidence, improving your work/life balance and developing positive skills and attitude. If you want to progress and develop, then this programme is for you.

The programme comprises four days over a three-month period and a workbook to be completed between sessions.

Target audience
  • University staff
  • College staff
  • PhD students
  • Further details regarding PPD's eligibility criteria are available
  • This programme requires attendance at all four sessions
  • to have assessed yourself and identified your strengths
  • to be able to communicate more assertively and effectively
  • to have increased your self-confidence and motivation
  • to be able to present a positive image and increase your visibility
  • to have identified how to improve your work/life balance
  • to have set clear goals to take you forward
  • to have met others and gained support to make changes

'I underestimated what a positive influence Springboard could be. I have come away with a whole new range of skills to better manage my life and development'
'I feel I have lots of useful Springboard experience that is making my life better - I feel more empowered and able to make positive changes in my life'

Further information

The Springboard Programme will suit you if you are open to making changes in your life, whether or not that is urgent at present. You are open to considering personal and career issues, and everything in between. You are willing to participate within the workshops and undertake some work between them, for example, the workbook and coaching meetings


Four full day sessions

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