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Humanities Data: a basic introduction new Tue 13 Oct 2020   10:00 Finished

This CDHBasics session will explain what data is, and what ‘humanities data’ looks like (via a behind-the-scenes tour of the Digital Library). This session covers good practice around file formats, version control and the principles of data curation for individual researchers.

Sorting things out - why metadata matters new Tue 27 Oct 2020   10:00 Finished

This CDHBasics session focuses on the importance of metadata (‘data about data’), examining the crucial role played by classification systems and standards in shaping how scholars interact with historical and cultural records.

Re:search new Tue 10 Nov 2020   10:00 [Places]

This CDHBasics session looks at how searching and finding technologies structure scholarship. It also covers

  • an introduction to search engines, both for web search and custom search functions within collections;
  • discussion about OCR errors and blindspots in digital search in historical collections
  • problems of fragmentation of the source text, and the legacy of pre-digital formats such as microfilm.
Digital Research Design and Data Ethics new Tue 24 Nov 2020   10:00 [Places]

This CDHBasics session explores the lifecycle of a digital research project across the stages of design;

  • data capture
  • transformation
  • analysis
  • presentation and preservation

it also introduces tactics for embedding ethical research principles and practices at each stage of the research process.