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The role of liaison librarian is common in UK academic libraries and is changing with shifts in digital technologies and universities’ research agendas. What are the key practices of academic liaison librarianship? Do we embody them at Cambridge? What challenges do we face and how can we improve and overcome them?

In this class, we will explore the nature of academic liaison librarianship through discussion and small-group activities. By the end of the class, you will have an understanding of the practices associated with being a liaison and key areas or services you would like to improve.

The following short articles give different perspectives on academic liaison librarianship. Please read them before the class so that we have a base of shared knowledge to build our discussion on.

Crawford, A. (2009). Academic liaison librarians-where do we stand? SCONUL Focus (45).

Parsons, A. (2010). Academic liaison librarianship: Curatorial pedagogy or pedagogical curation?

Woods, L., & Dunn P. (2016). Relationship management as a tool for engaging with the academic community. SCONUL Focus (67).

Everyone wants their teaching to be as engaging and successful as possible, right? But how often have we found ourselves talking to a group of students from behind a podium and thinking “there must be a better way to get this group more involved?” but aren’t sure where to start? Active learning is an approach that makes the traditional, passive approach to teaching more active and this session will explore how to harness good active teaching techniques in any educational scenario, whether you’re doing a 1-2-1 with a student or teaching a big group of people in one go. The session will be built around active learning principles so be prepared to get involved and get engaged in your own learning and teaching practices.

Please bring an internet-enabled device (phone, tablet, laptop etc.) to help with engaging in some of the activities.

Librarians in Training: Backward Design Fri 7 Dec 2018   10:00 Finished
  • Backward design, which uses learning outcomes to determine assessment approaches and course content, is an approach to curriculum design that was developed by Wiggins and McTighe (2008) and plays a vital role within the newly developed ACRL Framework.
  • This hands on workshop will provide participants with an overview of backward design and its pedagogical underpinnings as well as the opportunity to create a backward-designed lesson-plan that can be used as a basis for running a session in their workplace. Focusing on the development of learning outcomes, assessment methods and class content, this workshop is suitable for people looking to get started with teaching as well as for those who are looking to consolidate and strengthen their teaching practices.
  • Alison Hicks is a lecturer in Library and Information Science at UCL. Her research and professional interests lie in the areas of information literacy and information practices as well as in various aspects of academic librarianship.
Librarians in Training: Critical Reading Fri 1 Feb 2019   10:30 Finished

In this workshop, you will take a tour of one of the most popular My Learning Essentials Workshop at Manchester University, Critical Reading. With the help of a narrator and facilitator you will see both sides of the workshop looking glass, that of a student and that of a workshop developer. As a student you will develop key skills for effective critical reading. You will learn and practice techniques to help you identify key points and main ideas and gain an understanding about what is required to read critically. There will also be opportunities to discuss strategies for making connections between different articles, journals or other materials in order to aid understanding. As a developer you will hear about the research that underpins the content of the workshop.

Instructors: Sam Aston and Michael Stevenson

Librarians in Training: Library Assistants Forum new Thu 28 Nov 2019   15:00 [Places]

A forum for Library Assistants and assistant staff across Cambridge University libraries with a series of talks and discussions around what the role means and how we can diversify and make the most of it in different library contexts.

Related courses provided by CamTools Training

CamTools: An Overview Tue 2 Jul 2013   16:00 Finished

CamTools is a system used to create websites to support teaching, research, and collaboration. Within a CamTools site, academics, students, administrators and guests can use a collection of online tools to collaborate, communicate and share resources. This demonstration will give you an overview of the system and how it can be used.

CamTools for Teaching: Getting Started Tue 9 Jul 2013   10:00 Finished

CamTools is a system used to create websites to support teaching, research, and collaboration. Within a CamTools site, academics, students, administrators and guests can use a collection of online tools to collaborate, communicate and share resources. Aimed at those intending to use CamTools to support teaching and learning, this course will give you hands-on instruction and practice of using CamTools, managing a site, and adding tools and participants. It will show you how to use tools for sharing resources, making announcements, linking to webpages, setting up forums, and more. You will leave the course with a fully functioning CamTools site, populated with a standard set of tools to support teaching.

CamTools: Communicating Thu 20 Jun 2013   14:00 Finished

This course will introduce you to the various communication tools available in CamTools such as email, forums, chat rooms and announcements.

CamTools: Controlling Access to Your Site Thu 13 Mar 2014   10:00 Finished

You may want to make your site available to everyone across the University or only to invited members; you may want to make some information on the site accessible only to a specific group of your site members; you may want to give different site members permissions to carry out different tasks on your site. This course will introduce you to the ways that can be managed in CamTools.

CamTools for Teaching Thu 28 Nov 2013   11:30 Finished

Aimed at those intending to use CamTools to support teaching and learning, this short course will offer you hands-on experience of running a course site. You will practice sharing documents with students, creating events to which students can subscribe, setting up forums, creating assignments and more.

CamTools: Getting Feedback from Your Members Thu 12 Dec 2013   10:00 Finished

This course will introduce you to the Swift Survey facility which allows you to survey members of specific CamTools site(s) or an adhoc group of participants.

CamTools: Make the Most of Your Wiki Thu 13 Mar 2014   11:30 Finished

This course will introduce you to the Wiki tool, which allows you to instantly create a webpage or series of webpages, easily edited and contributed to by the site administrator and, if appropriate, by site members.