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WellCam: How to Sleep new Wed 24 Jan 2018   12:30 Finished

This event will highlight the importance of sleep for health and wellbeing and teach essential tools to achieve great quality sleep on a regular basis.

WellCam: Mental Health and the Workplace new Mon 20 Nov 2017   12:30 Finished

The session will provide an insight into the extent of anxiety, stress and depression in workplaces today.

WellCam: Positive Thinking and Meditation new Wed 7 Feb 2018   12:30 Finished

A session providing a brief introduction to meditation and how to access the deep reservoir of positive qualities that are in all of us. The meditation process can help support your general wellbeing and develop your thinking to its full potential. The session will include short meditations as well as a chance for discussion and questions.

WellCam: Presentation Skills new Mon 12 Mar 2018   12:30 Finished

The briefing will focus on effective presentation techniques to ensure a positive impact and hold the attention of an audience in a variety of settings, including in an academic environment.

WellCam: Stress and Resilience new Wed 21 Feb 2018   12:30 Finished

This short session will provide information and advice on stress awareness and management in relation to workplace and personal factors.

WellCam: Master Time and Focus new Wed 25 Apr 2018   12:30 Finished

To learn the techniques set out in the briefing, to understand the neuroscience and acknowledge which of our current habits help us and which hinder us. Overall, to feel confident about what we need to change and how we can change it.

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